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Jessica Watkins is committed to coaching women of color as they navigate their lives and career. With an extensive corporate background, Jessica is on a mission to share her experience by supporting  her clients in building the confidence, knowledge, and skills needed to navigate corporate, advance in their career, and live life on their terms.


The expertise and insight that Jessica's gained over the past 15+ years is what resonates with women looking to learn from someone who's been where they are.

As a Career Development Coach, Jessica is dedicated to creating an unmatched experience of high-quality coaching for women of color ready to level up!




Jessica has a genuine desire to support women of color as they look to advance in their careers. She LOVES helping them problem solve through the barriers they feel are holding them back. Whether it be fear, self-doubt, or simply feeling stuck and unsure where to start, Jessica works with her clients to create clear goals and action plans to meet them.


Over the years, Jessica has built an extensive network, and people often come to her as a resource for career advice. Through experience, she's learned no one ever really equips women of color on how to overcome things like imposter syndrome, code-switching, or how to have challenging pay, career, or support conversations.


For every obstacle Jessica faced as a woman of color building her career, she often had to figure it out on her own. Like most experience, there weren't always relatable resources she could trust to help her work through what only she needed as a woman of color – and that's what motivated her to start her coaching business.


Jessica is working in her purpose, and she's committed to helping you do the same.


...because the receipts are necessary!

I went from being a cashier at 16 to becoming one of the youngest black Directors of a Fortune 500 company by 30.

JEssica helpS

Professional Women of Color who:


Want to level up to have the life and career they want

Are done struggling to navigate corporate alone, and looking for knowledge and tools they can use now  and later 

Need support in creating clear goals and actions plans to achieve them

Looking for a coach to hold them accountable

Want to change their mindset from wait to create 

Want to gain the confidence to build their own reality – no longer relying on others to do it for them


"Coaching helps you to take responsibility for your life, let go of what others think and become your true self. It's about you creating the life that you want - and deserve."

- Emma-Louise Elsey

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